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Please contact me if you'd like to add anything to this page!  Thank you!

A Journey Through Learning is an awesome HS website with many different ideas for lapbooking! Check them out!


Knowledge Box Central is a great HS tool with many lapbooks, copywork, ideas, and a great blog! Check it out!

Sandra Clark has been homeschooling for 19 years now.  She has piano credentials from the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto, which is a comprehensive method of lessons used in Canada which incorporates not only piano proficiency but also music history, composition, etc.  She taught piano to each of her own children at various points in their musical journeys, and Ishe has had a piano studio since 2001.  Also Sandra is looking to help out any families that need help by tutoring.  She  would love to keep helping students with their schooling, and she believes she could be of help to some parents who perhaps struggle with teaching effectively in areas such as math or English grammar.  She has an accounting degree, and she currently is a medical transcriptionist.  If you'd like more information please contact Sandra at
(701) 839-9778 or